Best Napeague Snowfall Over the Stretch Print

Napeague Snowfall Over the Stretch

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Best Napeague Snowfall Over the Stretch Print

Shot after the first blizzard of 2017 over Napeague Stretch in Amagansett (Route 27 to Montauk) and the Napeague State Forest with pitch pines and the non-native Japanese black pines holding the sandy soil together. The LIRR train tracks run parallel to the north and are mostly snow covered. The low lying hamlet of Napeague derives its name from the Montaukett tribe's name for "land overflowed by the sea". That was true during the Great Hurricane of 1938 when Napeague was overflowed by waves and flooded. This geometrically pleasing high resolution birdseye shot is great with neutral tones and a fantastic piece for everyone.