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Life and beauty are experienced around the world in each person's own perspective. A beach is no doubt beautiful from the shore, and a forest of changing orange and yellow leaves is a sight to be seen.  But suddenly, when the basis of perspective is taken up higher and higher, the entire landscape expands with shimmering, radiant beauty and staggering panoramas only enjoyed regularly by our winged friends.

We, at Dering Harbor Co., capture these breathtaking views in two of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet: the Hamptons and Shelter Island, NY.  Our photographs feature magnificent and iconic sights from a different perspective in and around the Hamptons and Shelter Island.

From rolling forests and pristine beach fronts to vistas of country clubs and yacht clubs, Dering Harbor Co. has vivid detailed large-format prints that capture the essence of natural beauty in a calming still moment.

We invite you to browse our catalog of aerial prints and hope you enjoy a heightened point of view.


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